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Tuesday Houndfish


Christian Grill

Good afternoon! The sun is shining and the air is warm, so let's stay inside and nose through trivial Knicks links together.

- The houndfish is a species of needlefish. The photo above is probably of a different needlefish species; I just liked the photo so much that I went with it. Houndfish, like all needlefish, have long, pointy beaks. They also really like light and will jump out of the shallow water to pursue it. This makes them easy to catch, but it also means people hanging out on lit boats might get impaled by flying houndfish. TRUE STORY.

- Carmelo Anthony now has a venture capital firm. I don't really understanding what a venture capital firm is beyond knowing: 1. It is a thing for rich people 2. I don't care what it is. You can read more about his investments here and in another article about how Melo was intrigued by the wearable physio sensors the Knicks have used.

- The Knicks will wear their orange jerseys again this year. Of course they will. As long as they don't lose all the time, I am unbothered.

- Amar'e Stoudemire's basketball camp in Tel Aviv is canceled until things settle down in Israel. (Note: P&T is not a place to get into an argument about Israel. Just find my relatives on my Facebook if you're looking for that.)

- Friend of P&T Warren Leight has a new Knicks-themed play!

Great stuff from James Herbert on what it means to be a veteran at NBA Summer League, including input from Shannon Brown.

A map of various Knicks' scoring effectiveness from different spots on the floor last season reveals: Nope!

Peter Vescey's IMPECCABLE source from a few days ago said Steve Mills was still in the running for the NBA Union president job, but Frank Isola now says otherwise.

- This is weeks old, but I don't think I ever linked it: How Jose Calderon could produce n the triangle.

That's what I've got! Have a pleasant rest of your Tuesday. Eat well.