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The Knicks waived Shannon Brown

The roster is down to 14ish men.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Shannon Brown's contract with the Knicks would have become fully guaranteed if New York didn't cut him before August 1. Well, they cut him before August 1:

It makes sense that Brown would be cut-- he is a modestly effective player at a relatively deep position for the Knicks-- but this is still a bit surprising. I figured Brown had earned some staying power-- even over a guaranteed guy like Wayne Ellington-- because he has preexisting relationships with Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher and because he joined the SummerKnicks in Las Vegas to help teach the rugrats some triangle.

Anyway, no huge loss here, but snaps to Shannon for coming out to Summer League, and sorry it had to end like this. Thanks for the couple of cool dunks at the end of last season.

The Knicks now have 14 men (including the non-guaranteed-until-mid-September Jeremy Tyler) under contract. Brown's departure gives them room to sign someone else, perhaps second-rounder Cleanthony Early.