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Carmelo Anthony visits Los Angeles

This is supposed to be the final stop before he returns to New York.

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Jeff Gross

Carmelo Anthony spent Wednesday in Texas visiting the Rockets and Mavericks. It went well. You can find details here and here and here and here. Anthony's previous hosts, the Bulls, moved along on a potential (but definitely not finalized) Carlos Boozer amnesty while he continued his tour.

Thursday, Melo will make his final scheduled visit (that we know about) to Los Angeles, where Kobe Bryant has flown home to be part of a Lakers meeting. Jeanie Buss will be there, too, which is pretty funny since she's competing directly with her fiancé. It will go well.

For what it's worth, Bulls officials are also in L.A. to meet with Pau Gasol. Maybe they'll try some "well, since we're all here!" shit to get some more time with Melo.

Anthony is expected to return to New York for his final meeting with the Knicks, then make his decision by next week. Silly as it may be, I'm interested to see whether Melo shows up at James Dolan's annual 4th of July party. And then I'm interested to see how quickly he chooses a destination, as well as whatever process of contract negotiations and/or trade agreements must follow.

This ordeal could be nearing its end. More as it comes.

Update: The Knicks will meet Melo in L.A. as well, which is interesting and unexpected: