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The Knicks are meeting Carmelo Anthony in Los Angeles

Thursday night! Immediately!

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We knew Carmelo Anthony would meet with the Lakers today in Los Angeles. We did not know until just now that the Knicks would be waiting for him after that meeting. ESPN first reported that the Knicks are flying out to meet Melo this evening, and Marc Berman follows up with details:

Looking to wrap up before the July 4 holiday, the Meloapalooza will end in a doubleheader as Knicks president Phil Jackson and coach Derek Fisher, each of whom has a home in Los Angeles, have flown to the West Coast with GM Steve Mills. Owner James Dolan again will not attend, after missing the last meeting with Anthony in Los Angeles three weeks ago.

"Before the July 4 holiday", taken literally, means...tonight.

That would really be something. No new word on whether the Knicks are going to show up with a maximum, five-year, $129 million contract in hand or encourage Melo to take less. Earlier reports with sources on both sides leaned toward the max, but Phil Jackson has pushed the other way in public statements. No Dolan in the room is nice either way.

More as it comes!

Update (3:06 PM):

3:27 PM:

7:22 PM:

Here's the full Woj report(pretty much the same info as above, but at length) if you're interested.

8:40 PM:

Well, *someone* is willing to offer Melo the (lower and shorter because it's not the incumbent team) maximum salary

9:38 PM:

It's Chris Broussard, but the rumor persists that the Knicks are willing to pay Melo maximum salary (about $129 million over 5 years)