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Thursday Little Skates


Andy Martinez/NOAA

Hi! Sorry it's been quiet. I am on vacation and, well, it's been quiet. I've been looking for things to read, though, and I have a few of them to share. Look!

- We saw some little skates swimming near the beach yesterday. They were good dogs. Did you know the mermaid's purses you see wash up on the beach are the dried-up egg cases of skates, rays, sharks and the like?

- Will Leitch did his regular Tortured NBA Fans rankings and...hey, we're pretty tortured!

- Tim Hardaway Jr. is doing a diary from the USA Select camp and...well, we can now confirm he is definitely at USA Select Camp. Update: Part 2!

- Kirk Goldsberry's free agency chart shows where Carmelo Anthony's deal fits among this whole free agent class. (High.)

- I don't agree with much of Shea Serrano's NBA celebration matrix, but I appreciate the effort and the inclusion of Knicks. And I think the Shump/Timmy "Hold My Phone" celebration hasn't been used enough to qualify.

This video has been chilling at the bottom of posts for a while, but if you haven't seen it, here is another good triangle lesson (with an eye on Carmelo Anthony's role) from Coach Nick.

- I'm not really sure why people were clamoring for Metta World Peace to come back (besides just enjoying his company, which is fair), but it's not happening.

- (On that note: As far as we've been told, the Knicks still have 14ish-- including Jeremy Tyler's not-guaranteed-until-mid-September-deal-- players under contract and the draft picks haven't been signed. No training camp invites either.)

THAT'S IT. Have a lovely day.