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Friday Starry Flounders


Good morning! Happy July 4th. While we wait for Carmelo Anthony to make a free agency decision-- and please, please let this be a day of silent waiting-- let's look at some links I've collected over the last week or so:

Starry flounders are starry because they love America, obviously. And they lay flat on the ocean floor, blending into their surroundings because they love America.

- As some of you were kind enough to point out (because I would have missed it on my own), Marc Berman drops in this article about Kurt Rambis that the Knicks are interested in Jason Smith. Seems like a reasonable target for their interest. I'm keeping track of these small shows of "interest" so once the Melo stuff is figured out and the Knicks' focus shifts, we'll have a good working list.

This is one of several places I've seen Rambis referred to not just as the lead assistant but as "associate head coach"-- a distinction I imagine mainly has to do with his rather large salary. Sounds like Rambis will join the Knicks in Vegas, by the way.

- The Knicks got a Raymond Felton-sized trade exception in their pre-draft trade. How exactly does a trade exception work? I've never really known, so I bugged the folks at the newly founded Mid-Level Exceptional about it.

- Jim Cleamons seems like another strong candidate to join the staff if he leaves the Bucks.

- Nice one-on-one interviews with Shane Larkin and Cleanthony Early. I've decided that "Cleanthony Early" sounds like a football name.

Some of the new guys have picked numbers.

- Interesting bits in this Bradley Beal interview pointed out by Chris Herring: He names Iman Shumpert as one of the toughest defenders and he mentions J.R. Smith as one of the hardest guys to guard because of his unusual pivot-foot choices.

- I don't think it's fanciful translation to end everything the Antetokounmpo brothers say with an exclamation point. Those guys are wonderful.

- Tim Hardaway Jr. is among the chucking elite. Melo, too.

Two conversations with Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall about Cleanthony "Football Name" Early.

- Reminder in case you missed it that you have one shot to change your username if you please. But don't be a stranger!

That's all. I hope this is the only conversation we have today. Please let this be a day of rest, basketball. Enjoy and be safe, everyone.