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Everyone's sources expect Carmelo Anthony to come back

This does not constitute a decision.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Woj reported Friday that Carmelo Anthony is "aligned" with the Knicks and Phil Jackson's vision. Frank Isola hears Melo is expected to return and suggests it will be for the full maximum offer. Marc Berman hears Melo is expected to return and suggests Melo could sign a contract that pays him least in 2015-2016, slightly aiding the Knicks' ability to sign someone the preceding summer. I think I heard this bullfrog say some stuff about Melo, but I couldn't quite make it out and honestly I don't trust his sources.

Everyone agrees the main lurking variable is the decision-making of LeBron James and his Heat teammates, which-- if it takes a surprising turn-- could suddenly create space alongside LeBron somewhere. Melo might like to fill that space.

Nothing is done, even if everyone's hearing the same thing. We were told Melo would take the weekend to make his decision, and today is just Saturday.