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Reports: Carmelo Anthony is seriously considering the Lakers, too

Weird timing for such a rumor to come out.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

Here, let me act out my last hour or so for you:

Whatever, guy. Everyone else said this is as good as done.

Yeah, but that's an L.A. reporter. None of the usual people a--

Oh shit, okay.

First of all, regarding that second Woj tweet: So can the Knicks, but more so.

Second: This is where I remind myself and you that everything leaks for a reason. Why, 48 hours after Carmelo Anthony's meeting with the Lakers, would something like this leak? Is it just that Melo had a change of heart, or that someone spoke up who wasn't talking before?

There's probably more to it than that. It could be a leak intended to put pressure on the Knicks (although they've already reportedly offered the max, so ... what else is there?), or it could be some attempt to make the eventual acceptance of a max offer look better somehow in a way I don't quite understand. It could be the Lakers trying to stir things up. Or it could be genuine and the result of  some sort of family thing? Or LeBron somehow!? I don't know. I don't know.

There's that. Whoever leaked it had an agenda. Your guess is as good as mine what that agenda is.

Update: Here's the full Woj article. Includes this: "One thing that still bothers Anthony is Jackson had wanted him to take less than a max contract, sources told Yahoo Sports."