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It is Monday and nothing has happened with Carmelo Anthony

[Jeopardy music]

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Good day! As I write this, it is almost noon on Monday and we know little more about Carmelo Anthony's free agency than we did several days ago. And indeed, no one knows anything final:

Outside of the well-documented but hazy rumors about the Lakers' appeal and the possibility that Melo is waiting on the increasingly complicated LeBron James situation, I see no new weekend items of interest. Alleged pick-up games in LA do not concern me, nor does Stephen A. Smith saying a thing on the radio.

Oh, Kurt Rambis is *officially* associate head coach now, so that's cool. Otherwise, nothing. This is just a new thread to discuss said nothing until something actually happens. Hopefully today. I'm tired. I just did a trivia podcast and couldn't name more than like four 2014 top-10 NBA draft picks. That kind of tired. I know this is a very important  decision for Melo, I just hope he makes it soon. Ya know, for us.