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It is July 8 and Carmelo Anthony remains a free agent

The wait continues.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

8 July 2014- Eight days since the arrival of free agency- I cannot say for sure that this will ever end. The troops quiver rancorously. Supplies are low. I feel thankful to have learned how to distill my bored tears into potable water during the great work stoppage of '11. Dispatches from the front are bare and serve only to further disillusion:

I fear we've reached an impasse-- a standoff, with one faction waiting for the others to act:

We were once promised a speedy resolution, but that hope has long since faded. A message came overnight bearing word of uneasy vibes:

Additional envoys visit camp with dispatches of questionable value, like this tattered rumour of commerce with Philadelphia that shrivels in the glare of logic.

Meanwhile, marauders from Memphis have their eyes on one of our own, although if I may, his involvement in errors past might make his departure welcome:

Also, I went on Will Leitch's podcast on Monday and followed up by botching some easy trivia questions.

I hold out hope for a resolution, but I fear I may perish first.