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Iannazzone: Knicks to add Hazzard, Longstaff as assistant coaches

Derek Fisher's staff is growing. His coaching staff, I mean.

Mike Coppola

Derek Fisher's staff is starting to take form. Al Iannazzone reported two more hires today:

I had never heard of these people before today, so let's see what the internet says:

- Hazzard is a former Lakers scout and assistant (under Phil Jackson, and for Fisher), and he coached in the D-League some as well. He has a very cool name. They forgot to give him his championship ring one time.

- Longstaff comes from the Thunder video department, where he presumably worked closely with Fish when Fish was a basketball player and not a Khaki Dad. He also presumably worked closely with former blog king/friend of P&T Sebastian Pruiti, so I'm sure he's cool. Here's a thing about him. Here's a thing not about him. He's from Maine. Nice that the (long) staff isn't *all* Lakers guys who've worked with Jackson-- Fisher got to pick at least one of his own dudes, too.

That brings Fisher's staff to: Kurt Rambis, Rasheed Hazzard, and Josh Longstaff. Cool. Could probably use another Rasheed, but cool.

Update: Just to clarify, these guys have not been hired yet, but will be. Also, Rasheed is Walt Hazzard's son.