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Is today the day Carmelo Anthony decides?

Please? Help?

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Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

I have a feeling today is going to be the day-- or tonight the night, at least. LeBron James is supposed to meet with Pat Riley today in Las Vegas. Perhaps James will come out of that meeting having decided where he'll sign next, triggering an effect like a bunch of little tiles standing next to each other and tipping over in sequence. I wish there was a term for that.

It feels like Carmelo Anthony is waiting on LeBron. Most everyone else, too. Melo could be holding out hope he can find a way to play with LeBron somewhere, because LeBron is good and playing with him is probably very fun. Sources are telling people the "dream" is for that somewhere to be New York. Indeed, the Knicksreported trade calls seem geared toward clearing space for that dream-- or...I dunno, some other huge thing for which they'd need to rush Amar'e Stoudemire's expiring contract off the books.

As every report on the subject(s) explains: this dream involves so many parts and the consent of so many parties to be considered nigh impossible. And yet it's pretty much the only thing resembling a rumor you can find at this point. Out of tedium, fantasy is born, I guess.

Meanwhile, here's a nice little thing from 4 fucking 40 AM EST (no matter where are you are, Woj, please get some sleep. I'm worried about you.):

That's sweet of Kevin Durant. Fisher told the media yesterday of his own pitch to Melo (basically: "I don't intend to do shitty coaching, so we might actually win games."), and a little boost from a superstar doesn't hurt the cause.