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The Knicks have signed Cleanthony Early

The second-round pick is officially a Knick.

Garrett Ellwood, Getty Images

It was only a matter of time. After getting selected 34th in June's draft and acquitting himself pretty well in Las Vegas Summer League, Wichita State's Cleanthony Early has a guaranteed contract with the Knicks. He signed his deal in New York, which means...MINI TABLE!

Early is, I assume, day-to-day with a back injury after craning to apply his signature in those conditions.

The Knicks' roster now stands at 15 men, including the not-yet-guaranteed deal of Jeremy Tyler (partial guarantee on September 15). If they want to add more players to the actual roster (not the training camp roster, which can reach 20 men), they'll have to cut Tyler or another player, or perhaps make a trade.

Early, meanwhile, might not be a rotation player-- or even a New York Knick-- this season, but we've got reason to believe he'll amount to something yet. Welcome, Cleanthony.