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Summertime Knicks: Pablo passing, bros in Puerto Rico, Amar'e killing pretend hippos

August is a good time to be a Knick abroad.

Hello! I hope you are having a happy weekend. Our Knicks are dispersed all over the world doing summertime things. My original intention was just to show you this Pablo Prigioni video Gonzalo passed along, but there's more.

- First, Pablo. Argentina had a weekend FIBA World Cup tune-up round robin with Brazil and Mexico this weekend. Pablo threw a gorgeous pass against Mexico and made an announcer utter the cry of the golden eagle:

I'm reallllly looking forward to watching Pablo and Jose Calderon (*cough* and Renaldo) at the World Cup starting at the end of this month.

- Amar'e Stoudemire's been on safari in South Africa. If a hippo charges him, he's ready to defend himself. Don't charge Amar'e, hippo:

- Carmelo Anthony's in Puerto Rico for his annual charity weekend (softball game to come!). J.R. Smith, Cleanthony Early, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Shane Larkin (and surely others) are there as well. There's been golfing:

There's been boxing-watching:

There's been white-wearing:

There will be more.

HAGS, Knicks. See you soon.