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Here is the Knicks' 2014-15 schedule

Basketball games! Again!

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA just dropped the 2014-15 team-by-team schedules, and it appears the Knicks will play 82 games this season. They will play 41 home games and 41 road games. Intrigued yet? Let's dive a little deeper into the details.

- The Knicks will open the season at home on Wednesday, October 29 against the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls, if healthy, are pretty scary this year, so this isn't the ideal way to kick off the season. Luckily, they'll follow it up the next night by serving themselves as victims to the LeBron James's homecoming debut in Cleveland. So... 0-2 to start? 1-1? 2-0??? Seth already told me he's buying everyone shots if the Knicks begin the season 2-0.

- They return home to play the Hornets and Wizards afterwards, which is a pretty rough start to the season.

- They'll play the Washington Wizards at noon ET on Christmas (which I never get to watch, thanks to a NAGGING FAMILY TRYING TO CELEBRATE A HOLIDAY). That's an interesting change of opponent.

- The MLK Day Matinee is actually at 5:30 PM against the Pelicans.

- 23 nationally televised games this year (including NBA TV) -- or, more than a quarter of the season. There's a stretch from late January to early February where the Knicks play five of seven games on national TV. Cool if you don't get MSG where you live; bad if you don't like national TV broadcasts.

- Also:

- First game against the Brooklyn Nets will be November 7 in Brooklyn, and then December 2 in MSG.

- How's this for a rough stretch? From November 22 to December 7: Rockets, Mavericks, Thunder, Heat, Nets, Cavs, Hornets, Blazers. Ouch. That November 26 game against the Mavs will be in Dallas and the Knicks' first time seeing Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton again. The Mavs visit MSG December 16. I'm guessing light cheers for Chandler and not many cheers for Felton.

- We had heard this before, but the Knicks will play the Milwaukee Bucks in London on January 15. Might be kinda cute to call up Thanasis just so he can play Giannis overseas. Right? Do it, Knicks!

- Luckily there's this, too. The Knicks just never seem ready to play those early Sunday afternoon games.

- The longest road trip (by my count) seems to be a five-game Western Conference swing in March against the Nuggets, Jazz, Lakers, Warriors, and Suns. The longest home stand looks like a four-game swing in mid-November against the Hawks, Magic, Jazz, and Nuggets.

- The All-Star Break is extra-long this year. The Knicks have nine days off between their last game before the break and their first game upon returning.

- After a rough beginning, the schedule does seem to lighten up in March and April, with games against likely playoff teams coming in between spurts against likely lottery teams.

- The Knicks' last trip to the West coast will be March 15 against the Suns, and the furthest they travel in April is to Chicago. That is a nice way to make up for a very tough November.

- An early matchup I'm looking forward to: December 14 at home vs. the Toronto Raptors. Could be a tight race with them and the Nets to win the Atlantic.

What else do you notice?