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Friday Giant Pangasius Catfishes


Raymond Ellis

Hi! I hope you're having a good Friday so far. My Friday's been fine, all things considered. If you'd like to see some links to internet things about the Knicks, consult the words further down this web page.

Giant pangasius catfishes, like several of their Mekong Delta neighbors, are very big, very cool, very endangered swimfriends. And they're not sharks. Not at all. They just like to pretend to be sharks.

- Carmelo Anthony and La La Vasquez are a Twitter/Instagram power couple. How does it feel to have learned this?

- Since he became a Knick/I followed him on Twitter, I've noticed that Quincy Acy's beard brand is very strong.

- Here's some stuff (including a misleading headline suggesting he is now triangular) about Carmelo Anthony's workout regimen and weight loss this summer. Melo looks great indeed! I do not think his slightly modified body means much for his style of play, but it does seem from every report all summer long like the Knicks want Melo to play the "three" in a bigger lineup.

Rob Mahoney's breakdown of what Tyson Chandler means to the Mavericks also provides a bit of insight on what to expect from Samuel Dalembert.

All the details you might like to know about the Knicks' regular season schedule.

Not only can no one spell "Thanasis Antetokounmpo," it doesn't seem like anyone can pronounce it either.

Phil's gettin' comfy here.

Yeah, no shot, Bradley.

- Fun with assist location data!