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Thanasis Antetokounmpo to attend Knicks training camp?

Or will he accept an overseas offer?

Nick Laham

From Sportando:

Thanasis Antetokounmpo decided to turn down for now all the offers arrived from European clubs, because he will attend Knicks' training camp, source told Sportando. The Greek player has received two offers from Italian clubs: Avellino and Varese.

Last we heard, Thanasis was deciding between the D-League and one of those overseas offers, so this is an interesting little detour. Curiously, Italian reports say Antetokounmpo is in the process of signing with Varese, but Sportando's Enea Trapani insists they are mistaken:

I guess if Thanasis can't crack the Knicks roster in training camp, then comes the decision between one of those Serie A clubs and the D-League. Failure to crack seems like a near certainty since the Knicks already have 15 guys on guaranteed contracts. I don't foresee much open space on this roster barring a lopsided trade, so it's a bit curious that he and the Knicks would bother with a training camp stint with stash options already materialized*. You know, if this is accurate.

Anyway, camp would be a good opportunity for Thanasis to show the organization more of his game and a great opportunity for the Knicks to scrimmage against the long-armed slappiness of their new rookie friend. And he'd just be so much fun to have around.

If and when this becomes official, the Knicks' training camp roster will stand at 16. The camp maximum is 20, but with a hard 15 already in place, New York might not bother to fill that out.

*Important Update: To come to camp with the Knicks, Thanasis would have to sign a contract (probably a non-guaranteed one). If the Knicks were to then cut Thanasis out of camp, they would forfeit his exclusive draft rights. So unless they really think a spot is going to open up for him, bringing Thanasis to camp just for funsies would be a waste of an asset. If the above is true, the Knicks are either up to something or they're short-sighted.