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Wednesday Dwarf Gouramis


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Whoomp! We have a preseason schedule (soon, I would think) and the FIBA World Cup (10 days!) to look forward to. More immediately, we have LINKS:

Gouramis such as dwarf gouramis (and Siamese fighting fish) are "labyrinth fish"-- they have specialized labyrinth organs that allow them to derive oxygen from the air, so they can survive for a little while out of water.

- The Knicks and the Rangers: Doing just fine, thanks.

- Iman Shumpert is on a new track. This is not my favorite Iman Shumpert track.

- On that note: Shump suggests that Cole Aldrich record some music, and I would like to scream and stomp my feet in support of this suggestion. Hooooly shit, do I want a Cole Aldrich album to drop. Rap name Ol' Caldrich. Or just SQUATCH.

- I really, really don't get the Amar'e Stoudemire-to-Philly-at-the-deadline rumor, which isn't much of a rumor. I guess it depends what the Sixers would send back in that sort of trade, but the Knicks would be quite dumb to part with anything of value *just* to dump Amar'e this late in his contract.

- Here is Carmelo Anthony being vaguely positive and positively vague.

Lots of Knicks did the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS support. Cleanthony Early appears to have done his in the middle of the damn street, which is funny because I was walking down 12th St. last night and saw a HUGE puddle of ice and water on the ground and had a moment of puzzlement before remembering "ohhhhhh" and, indeed, nearby were some wet people huddled over a phone.

Melo and J.R. Smith playing pickup!

- Yourman Devine's "Dunk History" on The Dunk is very good reading for your eyes.