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Friday Grunions


Eric Wittman

Hi! It's me, Annette Bening, here again to show you some Knicks links. Let's get to it!

- I wish I'd come across grunions back when Glen Grunwald was in charge, but I like them just the same today. What you see above is a female grunion spawning. For a few nights, female grunions work their way up to the beach, dig their tails into the sand, and lay eggs while the males wrap their bodies around the females and contribute some milt. Did you know fish sperm is called milt? I didn't! We're learning so much today. Good for us! You're only allowed to catch grunions by hand. That practice is called a "grunion run," which you may have seen or heard in one of these songs/television programs/movies.

Not too much new here, just more Carmelo Anthony reminding us he was close to leaving the Knicks but reassuring us he's very positive about the Triangle and the Knicks' chances of success this season.

- Here's J.R. Smith at his golf outing for kids, and hitting "the links" (that's a golf term, right?) with a Special Olympics champion.

- J.R. wants to be a leader. Go for it, J.R.!

- Well, we may get to see James Dolan dump ice water on his head.

- Buried under the latest Thanasis Antetokounmpo updates is word that 57th pick Louis Labeyrie will stay in France for the next season (as expected) and consider coming to the NBA next summer. I doubt he'll end up making the leap, but you never know!

Stephon Marbury musical!

A nice look at Cole Aldrich, his stats, his skillset, and what he might offer the Knicks in extended minutes.

A Knicks schedule infographic! They certainly are playing some games!

Have a lovely day. Be safe out there.