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Wednesday Elephantfish



Good Wednesday, Pirates of the Caribbean. Just a couple more days until the FIBA World Cup starts and we can watch our point guards in action. Just 0 more days until I show you piping hot links to Knicks-relevant internet content.

- The freshwater elephantfish are actually a whole family of fishes, some with big "noses", most with particularly large brains and the ability to generate weak electric fields to help detect their surroundings. I had a Peter's elephantnose fishin my fish tank when I was little. One of the other fish bit his nose off.

Let's all go to Hoboken and buy old Knicks jerseys! I want that Ronnie Brewer shirsey!

- It's obvious, but Thanasis Antetokounmpo turned down a bunch of money to come play for the W-Knicks. You can almost hear his agent's bafflement through the computer screen.

- Iman Shumpert saying things in August is as boring as anyone saying things in August, but the revelations that he's: 1. Still working on lifting off one leg 2. Not running his Twitter account anymore were interesting to me.

- I mean, I think I've got Kobe here.

- No Knicks stuff, but the wonderful Ananth Pandian interviewed Patrick Ewing.

- Again, the World Cup is three days away. Here is Pablo Prigioni hopping and pretending to play a guitar to get you excited.