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Thursday Spotted Wobbegongs


Richard Ling

Hi friends! I am in New Jersey, where the links are always fresh. I have picked some for you and your family members to enjoy.

- Of the carpet sharks-- so named because they have carpet-like patterns-- the wobbegong species are my favorites because: 1. They are called wobbegongs because Australia is the best at naming animals. 2. They are the most carpet-like, except for the part where the carpet has weird whiskery appendages (tassels, perhaps?) and will bite you if you step on it.

- Rookie transition program things: 1. Cleanthony Early's shades are cool, but I'm mostly sharing this for the comment on Mitch McGary's attire. 2. Cle was the MVP of something! I don't quite understand what, but good job, Cle! Go black team! Pick cooler team colors, NBA rookie transition program!

Halfway decent rapping, Cle!

- Cle's all over the yearly, always entertaining Rookie Survey, too: Many of his peers regard him as athletic and funny, and a few think he might be one of the best, most overlooked rookies in this class. Thanasis Antetokounmpo got at least one nod for best defender, and you can detect his presence somewhere else, too, if you look closely.

- Daddy Grun's gone back across the border to be an AD.

- Well, then I'm glad the Knicks aren't a soccer team.

- I won't readily exchange "most efficient" for "best," but with Pablo Prigioni (Keep Pablo!) and Jose Calderon, the Knicks have two guys with extraordinarily clean offensive numbers. I would love to watch them work in tandem.

Fred Katz makes the argument that there isn't much for hope for Andrea Bargnani's productivity at this point, Triangle or not.

That's it! Have a lovely Thursday evening.