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What's Jason Smith been up to?

Jason Smith: Knick, politician, football player, artist, sheriff, hockey coach, criminal.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

I like it when the Knicks employ a guy who has an active, far-ranging life outside basketball. It always happens to be the guys with really generic names, for some reason. I miss Bill Walker and James White every day, and I'm happy Jason Smith has arrived to carry on their legacy. Let's see what he's been up to over the last few weeks.

He scored 6 touchdowns in ONE HALF for Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, which made his future school, Auburn, very happy.

He got promoted to assistant coach of Northeastern hockey.

He became head of Australian art at the Queensland Art Gallery.

He also joined the coaching staff of the Ottawa Senators somehow.

He clarified Driver's Ed rules in Virginia.

He caught a bank robber in Ohio!

He's supporting legislation to help people to keep their health insurance plans.

He's going on the radio to talk about being the greatest kicker in Colorado State history. (Nice little coincidence there!)

He showed off his art in Gainesville, GA. He's known as the "crafty cowboy."

He targeted bigger trout with live croakers!

He admitted to not paying his workers enough on a construction project.

He watched his friend hit a hole-in-one in New Jersey.

He posed as a pastor to to con a hotel.

Pretty disappointed in that last one, guys. We've learned that this new Knick likes to stay busy in the offseason, but fraud is not cool, Jason. We'll see what the league has to say about that one.