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Tuesday Greater Weevers


Tomasz Sienicki

Congratulations! You have beaten the final boss and earned the opportunity to peruse some trivial mid-September Knicks links. If you can make it through the links, you get ice cream sundaes.

Greater Weevers will sting you if you grab them on their spines, which...I don't know why you would do that. I mostly just chose them because I love that photo (which is definitely of a pair of weevers, I'm not totally convinced those are this species).

50 Cent did a pretty excellent job warding off paparazzi trying to ask Carmelo Anthony about Ray Rice stuff.

- The When The Garden Was Eden documentary is coming to your television.

- I don't usually pass along player-ranking stuff, but I think Rob Mahoney and Ben Golliver do it better than pretty much anybody. (Snubs.)

- Michele Roberts, new NBAPA head, grew up a Knicks fan.

- ESPN's "Real Plus-Minus" (roughly defined at the bottom heredoes not look kindly upon Tim Hardaway Jr.'s rookie season. This is but one statistic.

- I've never really thought that hard about the Knicks court design. It seems like an okay court design to me, so I guess this ranking makes sense.

- I've had this Jason Smith tweet open in a tab for almost a week now. I feel like it changes every time I look at it.

- Remember, the more time James Dolan spends completely embarrassing himself on TV, the less time he spends poking the Knicks. Holy shit, man.

- (Jason missed Dolan's pre-Eagles set, by the way.)

Those are the links! Now go eat sundaes! Eat ONE HUNDRED SUNDAES!