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Orlando Sanchez will join the Knicks in training camp

He's a 26-year-old rookie from the Dominican Republic via St. John's.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

The Knicks can bring 20 men to training camp, and they appear to have added number 18 (right?) today:

With 15 guys already signed up, I assume a "one-year deal" is of the non-guaranteed, training camp variety.

Sanchez is an unusual rookie. He's a 6'9, 26-year-old forward from the Dominican Republic who spent a couple seasons in junior college before joining St. John's last season. You can read about his frustrating path to St. John's here and some post-draft thoughts from our St. John's blog here. And here, watch some highlights (A jumper! Maybe not an accurate one...but a jumper!):

The Knicks don't have space, but Sanchez is a veeeeery interesting little training camp invite. I am intrigued. The roster is full, but there's always Westchester.

Please speak up if you're a St. John's fan and have some extra insight on Sanchez's game (or if you paid close to attention the Dominican Republic during the FIBA World Cup, which I now wish I did).