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Thursday Burbots


Achim R. Schloeffel

Hi! I don't have very many things for you to click upon today, but I do have a few.

- I was wondering why burbots are also called "lawyers" and found my answer here:

Burbot, a native Great Lakes fish species, are slimy, big-mouthed bottom feeders.

"That's why they call them lawyers," said Martin Stapanian, a research ecologist for the U.S. Geological Survey's Lake Erie Biological Station.

Well, that's not nice.

- Yesterday I went into the city to talk about the Knicks with the gentlemen Anthony Donahue and Moke Hamilton. The nearness of training camp set in for me while we were recording this. IT'S ALMOST TIME.

Nice li'l interview with Jason Smith, who had at least one chance to sit down with Phil Jackson this summer.

Frank Isola is all worked up over James Dolan's recent ubiquity and insistent that Dolan's time as a meddler has not ended.

- Craig Hodges -- a former Bullaker whose name I *hadn't* thought of -- is apparently a candidate to coach the W-Knicks, who kinda need to hurry up hiring a coach.

Jason's [redacted] scouting reports are wonderful, especially the Knicks-y parts.

Well shit, that's all! Have a lovely afternoon.