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Thursday Sand Divers


Laszlo Ilyes

Good day! It's gross outside, at least where I am. Stay inside and look at links on your computer/mobile device/sheet of paper that you printed out then attached with yarn to other printed pieces of paper with the content of the linked URLs so you can have the full experience on the toilet while your phone is charging. Let's go!

Sand divers are lizardfish. Lizardfish are fish that kinda look like lizards and squiggle around at the bottom of the ocean.

Part 2 of Steve Serby's entertaining Phil Jackson interview is lighter on current Knick stuff and heavier on philosophy/history/worldly opinion. It's good. Phil Jackson seems pretty cool in many ways.

Nice piece on Orlando Sanchez, who is reportedly the apple of Allan Houston's eye and thereby a strong candidate to end up with Westchester. I like that Houston has some pull with the training camp roster, since the Knicks have a full staff and might as well use their free spots for D-League purposes.

- Carmelo Anthony's in a cool first-person commercial about headphones. Dude needs to keep his head up while he's dribbling.

Anthony Donahue had Kurt Thomas AND Surprise Jeff Van Gundy on his show, which is pretty cool.

- I think Mr. Fishner's questions are good questions. It just occurred to me that he's not the REAL King Fish anymore, though. Too bad, buddy.

- Meanwhile, in Dolan World.


- Speaking of Iman Shumperthere is a good headline/here is Iman Shumpert stealing a TMZ camera/good for Iman!

Baby Bargnani!

- In the deep blue sea.

- Shoot so wild and punk KG

That's all for now. More to come. Have a lovely afternoon. Media day is Monday! Phil Jackson, Steve Mills, and Derek Fisher are talking tomorrow! It's starting to happen soon!