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Friday Shovelnose Guitarfish


Jot Powers

Hi! Congratulations on another day of being alive and able to read things on the internet. Let's look at some links!

- I picked guitarfish at the request of my dear nephew Rodger Sherman and the shovelnose guitarfish because I love all things with shovelnoses. All my best friends are shovelnosed. Shovelnose guitarfish are rays that only kinda look like guitars. Some look more like balalaikas.

The Knicks doing fashions!

Ian Begley notes that the Triangle did good things for Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and wonders if, hey, maybe Carmelo Anthony will have a big year, too?

- If you missed the chance to get confused by ABC News accidentally republishing a story about a Knicks signing from 2005, here you go! Welcome, Jermaine Jackson!

- You are admirably talented and hard-working and successful and have every right to do whatever you want with your time and ample money, Melo, but hoooly shit do you sound like a tool:

"I want to brand myself as the digital athlete."

Glad staying in New York is working for Melo's off-court stuff, though. Enjoy your investings.

- This just hasn't been a good set of links, Melo-wise.

- Cool post from a few days back remembering the classic Knicks-Suns brawl of '93.

- This Iman Shumpert agency-driven-movie-tie-in "prank" just seems really mean? And not funny or creative? Just me?

- Fred Katz on the Knicks defense and its (modest) chances of improvement.

Those were the links. Go back to chiseling ice!