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What's the best Knicks game you ever attended?

Tell us a story!

Chris Chambers

Two things: 1. You all know and love Joe Flynn, and Joe never really left us, but I'm pleased to announce Joe is back with us in a regular, editing role this season. 2. Today is an SB Nation NBA Theme Day. Today's theme: What's the best Knicks game you ever attended live? Tell us in the comments or feel free to go long in the Fanposts. Our favorite story. could get a slot on the front page. Oh, and I was at the David Lee tip-in game. -Seth

Believe it or not, folks, there will come a time when basketball is played not just in grainy historical footage on NBA TV or in a faraway kingdom called España, but in an arena near you.

Are you a fiend for the live NBA experience? Do you get off on the roar of the crowd, the giddy thrill of knocking an 11-year-old girl out of the way to grab a t-shirt launched from the cannon? The sense of satisfaction you get from knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you and fellow Knicks fans are superior than those late-arriving poseurs over in Brooklyn? Well then you're in luck, because today we'll be discussing the best game we've ever attended as fans.

Sadly, you couldn't select a worse candidate for this assignment than yours truly. I went to college near Pittsburgh (where there's no NBA team) and then moved to China (where...duh), so there were few opportunities to catch the Knicks in action. Also, I vaguely recall promising God I would never attend another game after the team traded Kurt Thomas in 2005.

The only clear memory I have of attending a Knicks game is a 97-89 loss to the 76ers in Philly on January 19, 2002. Jeff Van Gundy had abruptly quit a few weeks earlier, and the team was in free fall, but there were still a few players left over from the glory days. Latrell Sprewell (32 points) and Allan Houston (25 points) were still holding it down on the wing. (Yesterday was Spree's 44th birthday, by the way. As always, in lieu of presents, please send donations to help him feed his family). Marcus Camby and Kurt Thomas were doing their thing, but they were over-matched by a still-in-his-prime Dikembe Mutombo (24 points, 16 rebounds, four blocks). Charlie Ward was still playing a mediocre point guard and antagonizing the Jews.

I actually have wonderful memories of this game, despite the loss. There was a massive snowstorm that afternoon, and the Eagles were playing the Bears in the NFC playoffs, which kept most Philly fans at home. The Knicks boosters were out in force. Nothing beats that feeling when you and your fellow fans take over an enemy arena.

Most important, I was still young and foolish enough to have genuine hope for the Knicks, despite all the mounting evidence to the contrary. I hadn't yet been Dolan'd into cynical oblivion. I remember that sense of confidence, and I desperately hope to feel it again before I die.

How about you, fellow P&T'ers? I'm certain 99.9 percent of you have far happier live basketball experiences than my own. Let us know in the comments...or, if you're feeling saucy, write a Fanpost.