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2,015 questions

2,015 Questions: Will the Knicks spot up?

New York employs some of the best spot-up shooters on Earth. Will they capitalize?

2,015 Questions: Knicks vs. zombies

It's all over. They're everywhere. Who's left?

2015 Questions: Which Knick is best at Twitter?

The Knicks have several athletes experienced in the use of social media, but how do they rank against each other?

2,015 Questions: Why do I miss watching Bargnani?

He may not be a good basketball player, but the guy is one of a kind.

2015 Questions: Which announcer to ban?

They can't all be Clyde, but they should at least be competent.

Do win shares say Knicks will make the playoffs?

Let's take a look at the changes each team in the Eastern Conference has made and how they affect the Knicks' chances!

2,015 Questions: How big of a role will Cole play?

After signing a one-year contract with the Knicks earlier this season, Aldrich may finally have the opportunity to play serious minutes in the NBA.

2015 Questions: Which Knicks have the worst farts?

Checking in with the New York Knicks to see who has what type of fart.

2,015 Questions: Can the Knicks beat Houston?

The Knicks don't beat Houston. Like, ever.

2,015 Questions: Will the Knicks defend the arc?

Derek Fisher knows a thing or two about three-pointers. Might that actually help the Knicks focus on guarding the arc this season?

2,015 Questions: How will NY use the D-League?

They might as well make the most of their new affiliate.

2,015 Questions: What time does Cle wake up?

Knicks rookie Cleanthony Early tweets the same thing upon waking up every day. At what time has this happened each day since he's joined the team?

2,015 Questions: Should JR Smith start full-time?

Has the time come for JR to be a starter? Or is he just a sixth man for life?