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Phil Jackson spoke about the trade, Derek Fisher, and Carmelo Anthony

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Here's video.

Hi! I know there's a game on and everything, but Phil Jackson spoke today, addressing the recent trade, plans, and the sorry state of the 2014-2015 Knicks.

On the trade and the circumstances that led to it:

On responsibility for the team sucking:

On the approach the rest of the year:

On the plan going forward:

On Carmelo Anthony's injuries:

So there you go. If you think Dad tried to compete this year and messed up, he threw you a bone. If you think he's just pretending and viewed this year as bridge year no matter the outcome, there's that. Either way, he wants us to know that players are gone because they weren't those "learners" he talked about, and he knows there's more to building a team than just buying the shiniest, priciest names available as soon as possible. That was nice to hear. The stuff about Melo's injury is the only part that really bothers me.

Anyway, game time!

(Update: If you're watching the game, hearing Phil talk about how the Knicks have always "chased the next big star" and they won't do that this time is very heartening.)