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Photos: The Knicks have arrived in London

The United States of America has declared war on Great Britain by sending the Knicks to London. It's going great so far! Let's look at all the stuff!

This gallery mostly features photos of the groggy Knicks arriving and signing a jersey, but it's got some gems: Clyde's belt and ability to make a Southern Illinois jacket look flyCole's UggsLance Thomas's mobile-device-related joy!

- The Knicks took their team photo atop a double-decker bus.

Please select your personalized bus joke experience below:

Bus Joke Experience 1: Yeah that bus is going to take them away because they are bad! Maybe it is the bus to nowhere!

Bus Joke Experience 2: Hey they should be under the bus because I'd like to throw them under the bus!

Bus Joke Experience 3: Maybe the bus will drive under a low bridge and decapitate all the Knicks!

Bus Joke Experience 4: I'd like to apologize for Bus Joke Experience 3. I feel it got too dark. That was not my intention.

- Melo got his hands on a selfie stick:

- I seriously cackled aloud at this:

(The caption, in case it's not showing up for you: "Asked for Salsa and they brought me this, guess I gotta work on my Texas accent out here in London lol #SalsaVsSaucer #NBALondon2015")

- The Knicks (and Bucks) did basketballing with kids!

- That fuzzy little guy is the Prince of Wales! Melo signed him to a 10-day contract! The Knicks unretired number 15 for him!

- Video of media availability at O2 Arena:

- Some of the guys went to a West Ham match!

They're keeping busy. I hope they're having fun. Knicks-Bucks will take place Thursday at 3 PM EST.