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Game Thread: Knicks-Bucks in London!

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Good day! The Knicks are finally playing that London basketball game today against the Bucks. It's at 3 PM Eastern, which means you might not be able to watch it, but don't worry, I'll write you a recap.

An hour and a half before tip-off, you won't find a straight answer about whether Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire are playing, but the Knicks certainly want us to believe it's likely. Whatever happens, I hope those two guys remain relatively healthy. I care about nothing else. Amar'e has what appears to be an entire sable draped around his neck, for whatever that's worth:

(Update: Amar'e and Melo are both starting.)

There's also a possibility we see some Knick debuts today: Lou Amundson and Lance Thomas are waiting and ready to take over. And, while it won't be his Knicks debut, Sir Langston Galloway, Earl of Humpingshire must be excited to play in his home country.

Again, tip-off is at 3 on MSG. This is your game thread if you're around to watch. This is BrewHoop. Have fun, Knicks!