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Final Score: Pistons 97, Knicks 81

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The highlights of this game were:

1. Mike Breen comparing Pitbull's level of sweatiness to Patrick Ewing's level of sweatiness.

2. Clyde remarking on the fact that Knicks fans aren't even booing wholeheartedly. The tenor, duration, and overall quality of the boos were topics throughout the evening, as if the boos were fine wine.

3. The Knicks avoiding the franchise low for points scored in a game. Good job, Knicks!

4. Cleanthony Early hitting a three and looking kinda sharp off the dribble in the few minutes he played! If he's truly healthy, I hope he gets to play a lot more!

5. J.R. Smith having the time of his goddamn life heaving threes in the garbage time of garbage time. What do you call garbage time within a garbage time? It's like you filled a little trash can with garbage then threw it in a big garbage can. Have you ever thrown out a garbage can before? I have. I'd thrown up in it. It was weird. This game was like puking into a garbage can, then throwing that can into the garbage.

6. Fans in the Garden chanting "de-fense" in the final minutes of a blowout. Bless your hearts.

Wow, they only lost by 16. If you didn't watch this game, let me just tell you that they actually lost by 30, no matter what the score says.

Stingy will have a recap later. Have a good night, everyone. We're nearing the halfway point of what has so far been a smooth and thorough plunge toward the top of the lottery.