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Langston Galloway accidentally forgets to tank; Knicks win

Langston the tank-crusher

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The tank is on life support.

Carmelo Anthony scored 27 points (in 40 inexcusable minutes of playing time) and Langston Galloway hit the mother of all circus shots to drop the hammer on the Philadelphia 76ers in a butt-ugly 98-91 win.

Boy, was this game ever stupid. The Knicks played like the team with eight wins and the Sixers played like the team six wins until the fourth quarter, when New York looked ready to show Hinkie's kids what blowing a game is really about.

Then weird shit started to happen. Melo, who has spent the last three years shooting nothing but contested elbow jumpers in close games, suddenly decided this was the game to drive to the rim and draw multiple fouls. Seriously, Melo...this game? Really?

Still, the Sixers drew within four points with a minute left, and Jason Smith did his thang, only to be bailed out by the refs (who missed him stepping out of bounds), and Galloway, who recovered Jah's rejected shot and did this:

Who did the right thing in this clip? I'm not even sure anymore. Matt RW has the recap later. Please try not to be too upset about this unfortunate victory.