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Carmelo Anthony named All-Star starter


Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks will host the 2015 NBA All-Star Game on February 15 -- yet another moment on the national stage for a franchise wthat would be better served by slinking into relative obscurity for the time being.

But that will never happen...ever. The MSG floor will soon feature not only an endless parade of elite ballers and "Knicks are turrrrible" barbs from Charles Barkley, but an extended cameo from the one 'Bocker who really has no business risking his health by playing another minute of basketball this season.

Carmelo Anthony will start the All-Star Game. Huzzah! Here are the starting lineups for both squads:

If Melo is going to play at all, it might as well be in a meaningless exhibition game. We can't afford many more instances of him willing the Knicks to victories that have a negative impact on the franchise's future. Welcome to TANKLIFE, ladies and gentlemen!

Honestly, Melo might as well just play in the game and get this whole thing over with already (That's a pretty good slogan, actually. All-Star Weekend: Let's Get This Over With). It's clearly important to him. As for me, I'd rather they just scrap the whole thing and invite Giannis, Thanasis and the other Antetokounmpo Brothers to play a few hands of UNO at center court:

I'd buy tickets to watch that. I'd buy all the tickets to watch that. And I'd DVR it so I could come home and watch it again.

What say you, friends? Are you on Team All-Star, or Team Anteto-UNO? Take the poll below and let your voice be heard.