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Final Score: Knicks 113, Magic 106


Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Well, aside from:

1. The final score

2. Carmelo Anthony playing 42 damn minutes, wincing all the while

3. Jose Calderon messing up his knee

... that was a lot of fun! Langston Galloway played another fantastic game, legitimately stifling Victor Oladipo on one end while pouring in threes on the other and grabbing another bushel of rebounds with those telescopic arms. Lance Thomas came alive off the bench to kill it from midrange and SCRAP. Jason Smith suddenly morphed into Steve Novak and buried three of four threes after not shooting those all season.

All fantastic developments, except for the Melo part and the Jose part and the part where the Knicks won and the Sixers lost, but there's time to make all that up later. Stingy's got the recap later!