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Monday night's Knicks-Kings game is postponed

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Update: The game is officially not happening. Rescheduled for my damn birthday:


This was bound to happen. Safety first. Tanks can traverse land, air, and sea, but not snow and ice:

I'll update this post once I see confirmation from local reporters or the league itself, but Napear is the Kings' TV guy, so he oughta know. I figure the Knicks' game at home Wednesday night (8 PM) against the Thunder is in jeopardy as well as Winter Storm Literal Buttload Of Snow Like Seriously A Giant Heavenly Ass Is Going To Poop A Blizzard On New York heads our way.

So, not official yet, but I think we can assume the Knicks won't play tonight, and perhaps at all early this week. Any postponed games will probably get tacked onto the schedule later in the season. If the Thunder game gets canceled, I envision an epic battle in New York for OKC's playoff berth. That's looking way too far ahead, but such is life with the 2014-2015 Knicks.

Please be safe getting to and from your homes and works, then get the hell inside and stay there! Make sure you're stocked up on dry goods and your favorite psychoactive substances, and have a lovely day.