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Wednesday Plainfin Midshipmen

Good day! It's been a while since we linked. So long that some of my tabs turned rotten, but I've still got some fresh ones left.

- Midshipmen -- including the plainfin midshipman pictured above -- have bioluminescent spots that apparently look like the buttons on a naval officer's uniform. You can hear them moaning during breeding season throughout the Pacific coast.

- First of all, no Kevin Durant tonight, because nothing is ever easy.


- The 10-day deals of Lou Amundson and Lance Thomas expire this week. Will the Knicks keep them around, or will they make space and try to grab someone like JaMychal Green, in whom we've heard they are interested?

- which Quincy Acy catches Shane Larkin's Twitter getting hacked. (Sidenote regarding Knicks Twitters: I really enjoyed the guys congratulating Langston Galloway earlier this week.)

- Your latest round of Being A Knicks Beat Writer Is Unusually Hard Because Knicks PR Is So Difficult.

- From last week: A great piece on Amundson, who is in elite company, journeymanhood-wise.

- If Clarence Gaines Jr. was really responsible for the Langston Galloway stuff, then...good job! Phil Jackson's guy making headlines as THE GUY behind one of the season's few positive storylines is a little smelly.


Have a great day! I'm going to be out of pocket for the Knicks games tonight and tomorrow, but Joe will be your concierge and there will be great recaps and so forth. <3