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The Knicks assigned Cleanthony Early to the D-League

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Good day! Cleanthony Early has become a Westchester Knick:

This is probably just for the weekend- the W-Knicks have a home back-to-back tonight and Saturday (in which Cle will participate) and the Knicks are staying put for a bit, so it'd be easy to go back and forth.

I think this is great! Early hasn't been getting a ton of minutes for reasons ranging from an apparent ankle injury to Carmelo Anthony's continued presence (which is not great). Westchester provides a free chance for Cle to spin, especially with the schedule working out so nicely.

Meanwhile Early is still under contract with the Knicks. Assigning him does not open a roster spot.

This is a fine way to use the D-League. I look forward to watching the Cle-nasis duo get back to work against Sioux Falls.