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Final Score: Bucks 95, Knicks 82

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes if you dig and dig and dig through the dumpster, you find a gem! I don't mean the Knicks won-- sorry! Not at all. The .500 Bucks smoked them from start to finish. I just mean that Quincy Acy somehow corralled his own wild behind-the-back dribble and did a cool dunk:

That was the gem. A cool thing happened, which is more than be said about most double-digit Knicks losses.

And Cleanthony Early got to play more in his second game back, which was great. He didn't look all that terrific, but I'm happy to see him logging minutes and trying to make the Triangle reads and shooting when he's open and so forth. One must appreciate the little things. Like Amar'e Stoudemire charting deflections on the sideline. That was a sweet little thing.

Stingy will have your recap later. In the meantime, note that the Knicks are one loss away from tying their worst streak ever (1985, the last time they won the draft lottery). Then go here and here!