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Bucks 95, Knicks 82: "Wonder if we get a win by February."

Another slow fizzle as the Knicks can't muster up enough effort to challenge Milwaukee.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Getting stops has been a very tall basketball-order all season. Tonight, against a Bucks team that doesn't care who scores, the Knicks were slowly picked apart. As the game wore on, the defense got spun around too often and the offense shook. The game was never really in doubt headed down the stretch, but if there was that positively Knicks-ian chance of a wild comeback peeking out from the shadows of the Garden, Kendall Marshall shuffled up to it, casually started to choke it and coldly snapped its neck. It laid limp, still breathing, only to be smothered by the game clock.

- The first quarter opened with a terribly mechanical Triangle set and Jose Calderon coughed up the ball. You could instantly sense the team's dread. Luckily they had a great run of early baskets and kept it close. On their first five makes, I counted four assisted baskets, three off of (typically MIA) dribble penetration.

- As mentioned, Kendall Marshall put a cherry bomb on this Sunday game. He repeatedly posted up Calderon and Shane Larkin, scoring with ease or making tricky little drop passes and cross-court ropes that the Knicks were unable to defend. Masterful fourth quarter from Marshall.

- Giannis Antetokounmpo terrified the Knicks, and is really one hell of a player. His brother Thanasis and Langston Galloway of the Westchester Knicks attended the game! If they ever make space for them I would love to see a Thanasis, Quincy Acy, Iman Shumpert, Pablo Prigioni and Cole Aldrich line up! Just for 10 minutes a game.

- Brandon Knight curses into the rim microphones too much. I feel like such an old geezer saying that. Like, older than Kenyon Martin. But I think he is being a fake tough guy. On one drive to the rim where he beat Calderon off the dribble then spun off the baseline to trick Cole Aldrich, he scored a little lay up then angled his neck up and yelled "*uck you, b****". Oh really, Brandon?

- Everybody steals rebounds from Jason Smith. Doesn't matter what team they're on. If Jason is going for it, it's up for grabs.

- The Bucks doubled the Knicks in the following statistical categories: offensive rebounds, free throws.

- Tim Hardaway's defense really does seem to be getting better. He's not doing anything too wild so far as I could see. Just staying at home more diligently, and only doubling from the blind side. Toss in some nice footwork on getting over screens, and he should be able to slither his way around the floor to be a passable defender.

- Whenever Travis Wear was in the game the Bucks took turns isolating against him and trying to make something happen. He didn't really stop anybody, but he didn't exactly get flamed on. When you think about what the Bucks did to Blondie (or tried to) it kinda gives you a greater appreciation for the grandeur of a Carmelo Anthony isolation on basically anyone in the entire NBA.

- If you'd like to be depressed by an isolation. Look no further than Jason Smith's reverse-spin on the low block. It looks like a beet getting twisted up out of dirt.

- I wish "Bernie and Ernie" was called "Ernest and Bernard". Bernard King goes by "Bernard" and I think he is the one that commands the respect of these two. I am Phil Spector's favorite copywriter.

- A halfhearted "Fire Fisher" chant broke out toward the end of the game. Clyde just laughed at it. It's not the coach.

Knicks dropped their 11th consecutive. That's the second-longest losing streak in franchise history. In the game thread, Kupe wondered aloud if we'd get a win before the end of the month, to which JetsFan718 answered "Do we play the Knicks?" Alas, we barely have enough bodies to beat the Knicks in a scrimmage at practice. Next up is the Memphis Grizzlies at the FedEx Forum. Memphis is coming off a demoralizing loss to Denver, I'd imagine they wouldn't mind taking out some frustration on the Knicks.