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Grizzlies 105, Knicks 83: "Do I get bonus points for being at the game tonight in my Starks jersey?!"

Grizzlies stuffed ants down the front of the Knickerbockers.

Cookies, cookies, cookies.
Cookies, cookies, cookies.
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier in the day I predicted the Grizzlies would beat the Knicks 113-80. I was wrong about that. New York still decided to honor the JR Smith & Iman Shumpert epoch with a healthy loss and that's all I was really trying to "predict". For the team's ninth SEGABABA of the season, they were simply no match for the gnarling Grizzlies. Michael Conley's calm hesitation moves butchered the Knicks with precision decision making. Then Tony Allen wreaked havoc on defense, ending the game with seven steals. This burial ground memorializes the franchise record 12th consecutive Knick loss, and rather unceremoniously, our first victim's of a true blue tank job.

The story is clearly that the hapless Knicks are committing to a complete overhaul this summer. You can probably expect them to remain active with trades and by giving some unheralded players a good long look. More on that from the staff as things develop. First some notes...

- The Knicks managed to keep it close for a stretch in the early going. Playing a 2-3 zone flummoxed the Grizzlies for a while. Memphis recognized it right away, but was satisfied trying to bum rush the hoop rather than try to shoot their way out of it.

- Qunicy Acy had his best career game as far as numbers go. In 31 minutes Q put up 19 points and 14 boards. A career high in points, and his first career double double! Kudos to Acy persevering through a rough outing for the team.

Speaking of Quincy, he got a rebound and made a terrible outlet pass to Pablo Prigioni, who was not looking. The rim microphone caught him trying to get his attention by yelling, "Pabby!" (pah-bee). It was very sweet and infinitely better than "Prigs".

- Way too many live ball turnovers. It seemed like every third play was broken up and turned the other way for transition chances. It was a dizzying night and this certainly didn't help.

- Memphis made an effort to isolate on Travis Wear, but nothing really came of it. Everybody wants to iso on Blondie. It's funny because he isn't tiny or a weakling or especially slow, and nothing really comes out of these sets. In general Travis has the wit to make sure he's not a total pushover. He's the Lebron stopper!

- Major bonus points go out to Derek Duncan, from the game thread, for wearing a Starks jersey to the game.

- Sources say Seth knew something was up, because he said I was going to provide an unusual recap of the game. How did he know?!?

Nothing else interesting really happened (compared to the interesting thing that happened). The Knicks really didn't have it, and Memphis didn't exactly have to bring it. That's number 12 in a row, though. Franchise record losing streak. The team has one day off and then get back at it with another back-to-back on Wednesday and Thursday against two of the best teams in the entire NBA in Washington and against Houston. We got this, right? Tanks, for everything JR and Iman.