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Do the Knicks have any pieces left to trade?


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Now that I've got your attention, here is a basketball article. J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert may be gone, but there are still a handful of Knicks that could be dealt. Leaving aside the players who are getting an audition (Cleanthony Early, Langston Galloway), and the flock of contract albatrosses (Amar'e Stoudemire, Andrea Bargnani) , there are seven players who could possibly be on the move. Let's break 'em down:

Jose Calderon

The veteran point guard and elite Boogie troller could be the next Knick to move, according to CBS Sport's Ken Berger, though, " age 33 with two years and more than $15 million left on his contract, that will be a difficult proposition."

A Knicks veteran with a contract that's difficult to trade? Why I never!

Calderon is the only significant non-Melo contract on the books for next season, so clearly the logic here is to take their already formidable 2015 cap space and combine it with Calderon cap savings to form CAP SPACE VOLTRON!

Just think of the hand lions as Jimmy Butler and the feet lions and Draymond Green, and Goran Dragic will form the head!

Realistically, though, this might not be an option. Defensive deficiencies aside, Calderon is a legitimate starting point guard -- something the team does not otherwise possess at the moment. His contract might force the Knicks to attach assets to necessitate a trade, something that should not be considered under any circumstances.

I say keep Calderon for the time being. If a contending team gets desperate and is willing to include something of value, then by all means, make the deal. Otherwise, maybe they should just let this thing play out for a while.

Tim Hardaway Jr.

Yes, the Knicks probably should have sold high on Timmy in the summer of 2014...though I'm not sure that the concept of "selling high" works as well as people think it does. When you go to a rival GM saying, "This kid is dynamite -- made 1st team All NBA Rookie last season -- and I'm ready to deal, baby," it probably raises some alarm bells.

I would be interested in shopping Hardaway purely as an academic exercise; I'm curious to see what he'd be worth. His shooting percentages have fallen off a cliff -- 38.7 FG%, 33.1 3P% -- but cheap, young shooting guards with upside are a rare commodity in today's NBA.

Personally, I could go either way here. I'm slightly more encouraged by Timmy's improvement on defense and free throw rate than I am worried about his shooting. Still, I would certainly deal him immediately if offered a decent return.

On thing is certain, however: I would not be a fan of including him simply to dump Calderon. Please don't do that kind of deal a second time, Knicks. Once was enough.

Pablo Prigioni

Marc Berman of the New York Post named Prigioni as the point guard most likely to be dealt in a Tuesday evening piece:

Sources indicate Jackson isn’t giving up on Jose Calderon for the long-term, so Prigioni is more likely to go. He has $1.7 million left on his contract next year but only $300,000 is guaranteed. Not that big a cap move but Jackson wants to get younger.

No. No. Nein. Non. Het. Үгүй. いいえ。不可以. 我拒绝接受这个建议. Pablo is not going anywhere. Forget for a moment the fact that New York probably can't get anything of value for a 37-year-old playing at the league's deepest position...just no.

I've had big plans for Pablo ever since I saw him taking in a Westchester Knicks game:

After retirement, he will supplant Allan Houston as general manager of the Knicks' D-League affiliate. Then he will take over the big club when Jackson steps down. Then he will build a dynasty that will make Red Auerbach's Celtics look like pickup squad at the local Y.

Pablo stays, people. He stays forever.

Expiring contracts: Jason Smith, Quincy Acy, Cole Aldrich, Shane Larkin

The contract situation severely constricts the market -- only contending teams who are looking for immediate impact would even consider a deal. Front court depth is always in demand, so Smith and Aldrich (maaaaybe Acy) could be attractive to the right club.

It would certainly be nice if someone would take Smith off the Knicks' hands, as there is no chance in hell he's coming back to New York in 2014-15. Aldrich and Larkin (and again...maaaaaaybe Acy) could be in Jackson's plans for next year's team, so he might have to walk a bit of a tightrope there.

And that's all, folks! This team ain't gonna get back much booty for their collection of talent. Perhaps Jackson could get creative with a three-team deal, using the trade exceptions picked up in the Shump/Smith trade, combined with an expiring deal or even Hardaway, to pick up something substantial. But the odds are not in his favor. Keep working those phones, Dad!