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Thursday Humphead Wrasses

Patryk Krzyzak

Hi! The Knicks are gonna play the Rockets on national TV tonight, which should be stupid and hopefully a little fun. I have some links -- some of them WEEKS old -- to share with you in the meantime.

Humphead wrasses are huge wrasses. I don't know why, but they're also called Napoleon fish.

- Cole Aldrich has seven pairs of Uggs. Amar'e Stoudemire bought him one of the pairs. This is the best and most important reported Knicks story of the year and all the beat reporters should be ashamed they didn't get it.

Jason's farewell letter to J.R. Smith was obviously great.

- NBA guys (including several Knicks) on their strange non-basketball celebrity friends. I think if I were an NBA player I'd be friends with Susan Sarandon. Just a guess.

Good Karl Towns scouting report!

This MSG GO thing is happening, and that will be very good news when Knicks games are something you might actually want to watch, let alone watch on your phone.

- I know very little about Seinfeld and so can not appraise its accuracy, but here is a Seinfeld-Knicks comparison for you to look upon.

- Carmelo Anthony is one of the toughest players Paul Pierce has ever had to guard. SHUT UP PAUL.

- That's a cool little piece, though. For real. BUT SHUT UP I DON'T LIKE YOU.

- Fully in favor of this movement to get every Nick/Nik/Nyk/Nic/Nich on the Knicks. Or all the -Anthonys and they change their name to the New York Anthonys.

Colorful sperms.

Interesting comparison between these Knicks and the '07-'08 Heat.

Bub Smugglemug goes to a video game thing with Tim Hardaway Jr.

Like I said, some of these are pretty old. I hope you enjoyed at least one of these things, and that you are having a good day.