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Day 3 of Knicks training camp included 5-on-5 scrimmages and a sore Kristaps leg

Seraphin "means business" in French, The Machine fabricates buckets and the ball don't lie.

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks got into some 5-on-5 scrimmages today. Some cool things went down, and some cruddy stuff happened. Let's take a look at some tweets and things to see if we can't glean some info to help us shape the scene.

First of all, this is the beginning of my worst nightmare.

It's the non-contact stuff that is always the worst. It's freaky to see and disturbing to hear. Kristaps is expected to practice in full tomorrow, so thankfully we don't need to put much stock into this just yet. Seems like the team doesn't need to push him. Especially with the training camp roster so fluffy. Let's see if DaJuan Summers can play some stretch four, right?

I just realized that Marc "why-you-always-prying" Berman's Twitter account isn't verified. Poetically, that checks out. Anyway, Berman neglects to mention the context of The Machine's output.

So we have some signs of early offense from the guy that was brought in to help everyone learn the Triangle. We also have the guy with the stickiest hands either advancing the ball or moving it quickly to the open man and/or hot hand. That's exciting to hear! If Sasha can get hot in quick spurts the way Tim Hardaway Jr did two years ago, there's no reason to be mad at the guy. Even if he doesn't want to talk about old flames.

If Vujacic works out, it would be a great sign for the team's guard depth in general. He's only 30 years old, so there's no reason to think he's over the hill. Sasha was never a complete player though, so you have to wonder how much of a positive he can be when he isn't scoring well.

You see what I mean? Let's not rain on the parade, though. If Jerian Grant can contribute sooner rather than later, this also bodes well for the depth chart. Any amount of speed on the perimeter would prove to be a huge plus. The Knicks have had practically none since Chris Childs was on the team.

If he has the burst to finish plays and draw contact at the cup, all the better. Jose Calderon is certain to be better this year than last, but those wheels will be even further on their descent. It's worrisome to consider him matching up with mid-tier point guards around the league much less the top flight types. He may be able to outsmart them on the occasional game, but who is he really challenging physically on one end or the other?

Thankfully we may have some interior presence shaking things up and adding a measured bit of lunacy to the frey. Lopez isn't an all-world defender but he will cover up some of the blow-by's we've grown accustomed to. With any luck that will embolden the guards to assert themselves some more. The simple notion that someone will rotate and not just stand there (Amar'e, Andrea) should be massively helpful.

Yea man, even if you can't really block and alter lots of shots, there's pretty much always a way to embolden a disengaged perimeter defender on your team. If your big guys are putting in the work, it's easier for the guards to attack on defense, and for the vocal leaders of the team to shout about it.

Of course, if your big guys are covering up for you, you gotta get them the ball. Would be nice if Seraphin turned out to be the steal of free agency and hit us with a 50-40-90 season. I'll take the under, though. So let's take a look at some action!

What do we have here? Thanasis Antetokounmpo (I'm pretty sure) feeds Carmelo Anthony in the post and cuts over the top of him to the opposite corner and floats around very aimlessly. Anthony commands a poorly considered double team and hits the open Langston Galloway at the top of the key for three points.

Need another look?

So, right. Same thing. If only there were four or five more of these-- we might be able to convice Steve Popper to give us a cute dog video. I'm sure someone is going to be able to encapsulate the entire season based on those videos, but that's what the comments section is for.

So what the hell happened with Kristaps?

IT band? Isiah Thomas has a band? Wait- do you mean Robert Randolph and the Family Band? Robert Randolph, you did this to The Flamingo! When will this madness end!? Hopefully the Knicks send Kristaps to the premiere amputation doctor in the country.