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P&T Comment of the Week: Derrick Williams' hair finally has a purpose

Comment every day like a champion!

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Hey there, friends. This season we're trying out a new weekly column celebrating YOU, the P&T commenter. If you done write comments good, you could win the grand prize: respect! Lets check out some noteworthy comments from the first week of preseason:

Honorable Mentions

  • ZZZZzzzz joins a "Kristaps Porzingis nickname" thread, proceeds to shut it down with this masterpiece:

Compelling and classy. Porzingis is indeed one of the most cunning rookies I've seen in quite some time -- we need to celebrate that.

  • Twoseam2007 pays one final tribute to Travis Wear, who will be playing in Spain this season:

I'd like to imagine LeBron sitting at home, trying on headbands of varying widths, when suddenly his phone rings:

David Blatt: "Good news: Travis Wear is playing overseas this year."

LeBron: "Thank God! Our path to the championship is finally clear!"

Wear may be gone, but the Legend of the LeBron Stopper will never die.

  • Walt Clyde Phraser designs the perfect Journalism curriculum:

As a holder of a completely useless degree in Journalism, this comment hits particularly close to heart. I also appreciate the subtle Chris Broussard jab.

The Grand Champion!

Philluminati finally discovers a reason for the existence of Derrick Williams' haircut:

Congrats, 'nati! You win 300 P&T doubloons, which can be exchanged for prizes in any local P&T retailer.

As for the rest of you: keep up the comments!