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Carmelo visited Rikers Island with VICE Sports

In the upcoming featurette, the third of its kind, Carmelo will visit some young men being held at Rikers Island.

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

After a season ending injury and subsequent knee surgery, Carmelo Anthony stayed busy by lining up a hearty summer tour to coincide with his rehab. If you've been following along with Melo you're likely aware of the video series that VICE Sports is releasing with him. In the upcoming installment they visit some of the younger inmates at Rikers Island.

Recently Vice has been making a well publicized push to highlight the vulgarity of non-violent criminal offenses fueling the prison industry in America. A few weeks ago, in conjunction with HBO, they released a documentary of President Barack Obama visiting inmates. It is the first time a sitting president has ever done that. I wonder if this will touch on similar themes. It should be exciting to get a look at Melo's reaction inside the cells and dorms. With any luck maybe we'll get to see him play 21 in the yard.

Jokes aside, not many athletes are willing to jeopardize their personal brands by being themselves and standing by their beliefs. It helps to have VICE tastefully curating his image, I suppose. Nevertheless, applying direct light to a social issue-as divisive as this can become- is sorely needed from people that, for better or worse, brandish industrial strength influence. I'm excited to see this episode, I'm sure he'll be very open and a good listener. Excellent qualities for a person to possess.

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