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Knicks 94, 76ers 88: Derrick Williams and Jerian Grant dunk all over Philly

Dunks! Turnovers! Ball-eating!

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Knicks fought off the Philadelphia 76ers in a spectacularly turnover-happy contest en route to a 94-88 victory.

The game started off ugly, with the exception of a rare scoring burst from Robin Lopez. Kyle O'Quinn couldn't match RoLo's scoring off the bench, so he decided to straight-up truck a Sixer instead:

From then on out, the first half was the Jerian Grant/Derrick Williams show. There's was Williams dunking...

Insane Grant passes (and more Williams dunking)...

And, naturally, there was Williams running the break like Magic Johnson...

I don't know either, my friends...I just do not know.

Williams played bit more like the dude basketball fans have grown to know and shrug at in the second half, but he did convert this sweet four-point play in transition:

Sasha Vujacic played the nastiest game imaginable -- so nasty, in fact, that putting his lips on a basketball doesn't even rank among his 10 grossest moves.

In the end, the Knicks were able to hold off a Sixers charge thanks to some timely defensive plays. Langston Galloway stayed relentless in pursuit of the ball:

Then Cleanthony Early swiped a pass and dished off to Grant for a thunderous jam.

It wasn't the prettiest affair, but the Knicks are still undefeated.