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Knicks to attend ribbon cutting at West 4th Street Cage

Dig the new digs!

Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Washington Square Park and the surrounding area is receiving a nearly 2 million dollar facelift. The Knicks will be heading down to West Fourth Street on October 20th to unveil the new Cage! Cutting ribbons, exhibitions! Ha-haa!

Fresh backboards, rims, asphalt and fences will be installed. I wonder if that means the guys who rocket the ball off the backboard -- only to have it fall ever so gently through the hoop -- are going to look like maniacs now. Next time you're floating around with a dirty water dog, some youngsters and a spare half hour maybe you should go take a look!

Little shrines like these are the real reason why New York is referred to as the Mecca of Basketball. I wish there was an initiative to overhaul all the courts in the city, but I guess there are other things that people think are important. Can't imagine what those are. Anyhow, it's always nice to hear about the Knicks having a presence in the community. Would be even nicer to hear about stuff like this more often. I'm talking to you, tabloids and rags!

If Clyde Frazier shows up, I wonder who looks more stylish, him or Peewee Kirkland? They have different approaches to fashion, but they both throw down. And if Peewee isn't there, the courts aren't being refurbished.