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Arron Afflalo tells stories of selling doughnuts and pirated CDs in Compton

Everybody loved it.

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Arron Afflalo wrote some sort of remembrance piece for the Player's Tribune. Maybe it's more of an introduction piece. Maybe it's a segue for something entirely different -- he does mention his new basketball court (not Madison Square Garden). It's unclear what exactly this is, to be honest. Nevertheless, my guy sold doughnuts on the secondary market at his school. He was a regular Prop Joe, buying for a dollar and selling for two. Here's a taste:

There was only one problem: If I wanted to get four dozen donuts, that was going to be an upfront cost of $25. That was my first economics lesson. I needed liquidity, man. I needed $25 to make $25, and I didn't have that kind of money. I was 13.

So I had to convince all the kids to give me cash for their donut a day ahead of time. So right before lunch, when everybody was hungry, I'd walk around with a sheet of paper taking orders for the next day. The deal was you had to pay me then, and the next morning you'd have a fresh donut waiting for you when you got to school.

After doughnuts ran their course he bumped up his operation to pirate music and sell burnt CDs. He is very certain you would like to know that he may have played a part in you hearing "In Da Club" by 50 Cent.

Afflalo also waxes about computers and doesn't sugarcoat his upbringing. It's only about the bottom line with Arron. If you're interested in reading him speak in a days-of-future-past-tense this is an excellent way to do it.